Image Machine; It sells all machines of CHINA-TAIWAN origin, in which machines and equipments are addressed to cardboard, corrugated and flexible packaging groups. Our source of proud is; We have over 40 years of experience KNOW-HOW in printing sector a on every machine in these groups. All of our machines are produced by our own
R & D, engineering and guidance, and we are glad to offer our customers a long time. Especially the biggest advantage and pride of İmage Machine is 24/7 technical support guarantee and “NEVER STOP MACHINE” principle. We offer “TRUST, SATISFACTION, FRIENDSHIP” not machine.

Image Machine; used machinery, carton, corrugated and flexible packaging machinery equipment in the domestic and foreign supply. With the advantage of our pre-sales experience, the buyer is guaranteed with EXPERTISE support. The machines are delivered to the buyer in good working order with reference to the dismantling, loading and installation. Due to the model difference, the current inefficiencies are rendered final model system by R & D made by us. “IMAGE MACHINE 1 YEAR WARRANTY” is available for each machine that İmage Machine offers and sells.