In today’s competitive conditions, R & D and Innovation concepts have come to the forefront.

In order to increase the knowledge of R & D, culture, people and society and to use it to design new processes, systems and applications, the Company carries out scientific and technological development in a scientific and technological It is defined as activities that focus on a technological uncertainty and their outputs are original, experimental, scientific and technical.

Innovation, on the other hand, will be able to respond to social and economic needs, be successfully presented to existing markets or create new markets; A new product, service, application, method or business model is defined as the process and the results of the process is defined.

Image Makine CO. quickly realized the importance it attaches to these two concepts and the technical solutions it presents with its own ‘Know-How’. In 2019, it successfully achieved its goal of becoming the brand and solution partner it preferred most.

“Improver and Innovative solutions are the key to success.”